Paper Finishes

How do you choose which paper to use for your next print project?

With so many weights and finishes available how can you be sure which is best for your design.

Determining which paper to use can be defined by the purpose of the project.

Coated papers have a clay coating added to them sealing the surface. After the coating is applied to the surface, rollers polish the paper giving it a smooth finish. This will restrict the amount of ink absorbed for a crisp defined dot.

Gloss papers are best when used with photographs. The smoother surface allows for sharper and brighter images.

Other finishes are Dull sometimes referred to as Silk, Velvet or Satin. These all have a coating without a gleaming like shine of gloss. These are also ideal with photos but without the surface shine.

Matte paper has a dull coating applied that has a non-shiny smooth finish that is excellent for color contrast and text. Matte paper has a unique combination of smooth texture and for easy readability.

Uncoated paper has a natural look. It doesn’t have an extra coating or paper finishing. Without a coating there isn’t a glare on the surface. This is ideal for writing, text or reading material.

Lately we’ve been seeing a big trend with dulls. People seem to like the way the inks still look vibrant but it’s not overly glossy which makes it easy for reading.

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