Reducing the file size of a pdf

Have you ever had a pdf that was too large to send by e-mail?

Sometimes we need to send a pdf for approval or just for viewing the content. Today I will show you how to reduce the file size.

A pdf with a reduced file size should never be used for print. Much of the information embedded in the pdf has been removed.

The first step is to open the pdf in Acrobat. In the tool search type reduce file size. Next double click on reduce file size.

From here you can choose the folder to place the pdf in. The pdf should always be renamed so that it doesn’t overwrite the original.

After reducing the pdf look to the lower right corner. There you will see the reduced new size. In this case the pdf went from 10.10 MB to 268 KB.

Watch the short video below to see how it is done.

This is a very simple and fast way to send files for quick viewing.

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