Why are printing proofs important?

Why are printing proofs important?

Proofs are a critical part of the printing process! It may seem obvious, but an actual hard copy proof gives the print buyer a chance to see exactly how their printing project is going to look once its finished. Proofs should always be reviewed for copy (spelling, capitalization, punctuation and grammar errors), color accuracy, folding, etc. At Schneider Graphics we proof nearly all our jobs on the exact substrate that is being used for the actual print project. This gives our clients the opportunity to make sure the final piece will have the look and feel they expect or are trying to achieve.

In addition to physical hard copy proofs, which we always recommend for any new printing project. We also utilize technology with sending what’s referred to as “soft proofs”. Soft Proofs are generally PDF files sent electronically. These work great for confirming that the correct file is being used for an exact reprint or checking corrections that may have been requested after reviewing a hard copy proof. They are also an excellent way to proof a project that may have a quick turnaround where time just does not allow for a physical proof to be sent.

Reviewing proofs are important and can literally save hundreds and often times thousands of dollars! So take the time and give your proofs the attention they deserve!

Strikethrough Coating

Strikethrough Coating… What is it?

Strikethrough Coating is a coating technique that not only adds a layer of protection to your printed piece but also adds a level of creativity. It is most often used to highlight a specific graphic or image with a glossy effect that really makes the subject stand out.

We achieve this effect by using an extra plate to apply a dull coating to only the areas that are not being highlighted. Then a special gloss coating is applied over the entire sheet. As the sheet dries, a chemical reaction occurs where the dull coating rises thru the gloss leaving only the required area with a super glossy finish.

At Schneider Graphics, we utilize strike-thru coatings on a wide variety of catalogs, brochures, pocket folders or any other projects where our clients are looking to have an object stand out or jump off the page! If you are looking to add a “WOW” factor on you next print project, maybe a Strikethrough coating is what you need!

We love talking paper, inks, coatings and print techniques at Schneider Graphics. So please talk to your sales rep if your interested in learning more.