When to use PMS colors

PMS, stands for Pantone Matching System.

PMS colors are best used when branding is most important. Logos and stationary would be some of the best examples. PMS colors are usually used when a company demands that their corporate colors are consistent to their corporate identity.

Often a company’s PMS colors are as synonymous as their actual logo.

We use Pantone colors as a way to standardize – as with any industry from fabrics, paint and plastics, to ink on paper. This way colors consistently match without direct contact.

Most PMS colors can be replicated by using the four process colors (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) however, there is a risk that the shade of color could be slightly altered when using this method. This is often the case when a press operator is trying to match a skin tone or specific color on a photograph.  By having to increase or decrease one or more of the process colors to match the desired image, it may negatively impact the ability to match the PMS replication.

PMS inks are pre-mixed to match your color exactly. Using CMYK may only simulate the PMS color of choice.