Saddle Stitching or Perfect Binding

Saddle Stitching or Perfect Binding
Which is best?

With Saddle stitching, multiple pages are bound together along the fold with 2 or more staples. Saddle stitching requires the book’s page count to be in multiples of four so each sheet folded is counted as four pages. Saddle Stitching can’t support large quantities of pages and that page count can vary depending on the weight or thickness of the paper being used.

When perfect binding, the pages and cover are glued together at the spine using a strong flexible thermal glue. Perfect bound books can support a much greater page count because the width of the spine can be adjusted based on the determined number of pages. Copy can also be added to the spine for easy identification or to standout on a bookshelf.

Each of these binding methods has its own advantages. Saddle stitching is quick, more affordable and the finished pieces are a great marketing tool to showcase your business – they are also a great option as leave behind marketing material. Perfect binding allows for much greater page quantities with a very neat square binding edge. This option is a great way to add a professional look which can really boost the presentation of your marketing materials.

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