Digital vs. Offset

What is the difference between digital and offset printing

Let’s talk about their differences, and where it makes sense to choose one or the other for your next print project.

Digital printing works best when lower quantities are needed; think of a run of 100-500 flyers.

Another benefit of digital printing is its capability of variable data. When each printed piece needs a unique name or address, bar code or numbering, digital is the way to print.

Setup costs are lower.

Print only what you need.

Improved technology has made digital quality rival offset.

Offset printing has its advantages too.

Large quantities can be printed more cost effectively.

Highest possible printing quality, with greater detail resolution.

Offset printing allows larger sized printing sheets and can print many pieces faster than digital printing presses saving per sheet cost.

More choices when choosing PMS or Metallic inks.

Coatings, gloss, dull, soft touch or effects like gloss strike thru.