Metallic Ink

Metallic ink is created by adding metallic particles to ink creating a unique metallic look.

Metallic ink can contain copper, aluminum, bronze or zinc.

After metallic ink is printed, the metallic particles rise to the surface during the drying process, reflecting light and creating a metallic sheen.

Metallic ink is opaque unlike process inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) which are transparent. Your eye will be drawn to the shine.

Using metallic ink will add luxury and brilliance and are great for grabbing attention to your design.

• Highlighting important headlines or information within your design.

• Make your logo stand out.

• Add elegance to a letterhead, business card or invitation.

• Make your package design pop.

• Labels will have a special appeal.

Metallic inks are not limited to Gold, Silver or Bronze. Metallic inks can be customized to any color needed.

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