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Combining Spot Colors with Transparency

Have you ever experienced problems when sending your files to your printer that included spot colors with transparency? Well, you’re not alone! Using a spot or PMS color on a layout can often lead to unexpected results. If your using InDesign or Illustrator and using only CMYK colors, you can use transparency without any problem. […]

Customer Service

What are you doing to stand out from the rest? Is your customer service where it should be? At Schneider Graphics we take a different approach. We realize every company is different. We’re not a one size fits all company. We take each project with a unique path. Offering different solutions for different businesses. Providing […]

Building Brand Loyalty with Direct Mail

Brand Loyalty has everything to do with how customers perceive your brand. It’s the process of turning repeat customers into loyal customers. Direct mail loyalty campaigns can achieve the following… • Build Trust • Create Comfort • Solve a customer’s problems • Anticipate your customer needs. • Enable and encourage brand advocacy. Choose words carefully […]

Selecting the right paper weight for your print project

Deciding on the weight of paper for your print project can often be one of the last things that you decide on. Next up you may decide on the size of the brochure and how many pages it is to have. Then the quantity and budget to work with. Before printing your brochure there are […]

Die Cutting

Have you ever needed a marketing piece that would really stand out? Have you ever considered adding die cutting to your print projects? Die cutting adds another level of creativity to your print marketing. Do you really want your next project to be another flat, square sheet of paper like all your competitors? Die cutting […]

Direct Mail

Have you ever wondered why companies use direct mail? Direct mail still offers one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising. Today’s direct mail can be personalized and customized to include names and other personal information. This helps to attract and hold the recipients attention which ultimately increases the likelihood of the prospect to […]

Metallic Ink

Metallic ink is created by adding metallic particles to ink creating a unique metallic look. Metallic ink can contain copper, aluminum, bronze or zinc. After metallic ink is printed, the metallic particles rise to the surface during the drying process, reflecting light and creating a metallic sheen. Metallic ink is opaque unlike process inks (cyan, magenta, yellow […]

Specialty Papers

Improve your image. Have you ever thought why do some print projects get more attention! It could be the paper. Specialty papers are papers that are manufactured to a specific usage. Many are manufactured into specialty paper by coating it with a unique coating. These papers have characteristics that make them unique in design, texture or […]


Inventory management can be an operational problem for many companies, but it becomes an essential component of giving the best customer experience. Our fulfillment center makes inventory management much easier and allows you more time to focus on other areas of your business. Our Fulfillment center enables our customers to outsource warehousing and shipping. This […]

Recycled Paper

  Have you ever considered using recycled paper?   Recycled paper is available in both coated and uncoated stocks. One of the most important things to remember when choosing a recycled paper is to choose a paper with Post Consumer recycled content. There are marketing schemes selling “recyclable” paper, which means nothing more than the […]