Die Cutting

Have you ever needed a marketing piece that would really stand out?

Have you ever considered adding die cutting to your print projects?

Die cutting adds another level of creativity to your print marketing. Do you really want your next project to be another flat, square sheet of paper like all your competitors? Die cutting can add shapes, textures and unique folds which really make your projects get noticed.

From envelopes to pocket folders and labels to packaging, die cutting is all around us.

When you include die cutting, the shape of your project is only limited by your imagination!

Die cutting is exciting and fun to create. Call us today and let Schneider Graphics help with your die cut project. 847-550-4310.

Direct Mail

Have you ever wondered why companies use direct mail?

Direct mail still offers one of the most consistently effective forms of advertising.

Today’s direct mail can be personalized and customized to include names and other personal information. This helps to attract and hold the recipients attention which ultimately increases the likelihood of the prospect to follow through with a purchase.

Unlike email campaigns which many customers are skeptical about, direct mail is essentially delivered directly to customers and prospects, so there is a much greater chance of the prospect to see and read your message.

Direct mail has a proven track record. Because it has been so widely used for a such a long time, there is a lot of existing data that demonstrates its effectiveness. Direct mail campaigns offer reliable returns with minimal costs.

Some of the most common types of direct mail are:

• Brochures     • Coupons       • Flyers            • Letters          • Newsletters

One of the major advantages of direct-mail advertising is that it is highly targeted.

Here are some suggestions for starting a mail campaign:

• Develop a mailing list. This is the most important part of any mail campaign. Many companies will have two lists, known customers and prospects.

• Create a mailing piece.

• Create a call to action.

• Run a test campaign.

• Run your campaign.

• Analyze your customers responses.

Do you need help starting a direct mail campaign? Talk to us a Schneider Graphics. Call us at 847-550-4310 or e-mail gschneider@schneider-graphics.com.

Metallic Ink

Metallic ink is created by adding metallic particles to ink creating a unique metallic look.

Metallic ink can contain copper, aluminum, bronze or zinc.

After metallic ink is printed, the metallic particles rise to the surface during the drying process, reflecting light and creating a metallic sheen.

Metallic ink is opaque unlike process inks (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) which are transparent. Your eye will be drawn to the shine.

Using metallic ink will add luxury and brilliance and are great for grabbing attention to your design.

• Highlighting important headlines or information within your design.

• Make your logo stand out.

• Add elegance to a letterhead, business card or invitation.

• Make your package design pop.

• Labels will have a special appeal.

Metallic inks are not limited to Gold, Silver or Bronze. Metallic inks can be customized to any color needed.

Ask us more about Metallic inks. We love to talk about them. Do you need a sample for your upcoming print project call Schneider Graphics 847-550-4310.

Specialty Papers

Improve your image.

Have you ever thought why do some print projects get more attention!

It could be the paper.

Specialty papers are papers that are manufactured to a specific usage. Many are manufactured into specialty paper by coating it with a unique coating.

These papers have characteristics that make them unique in design, texture or application. This puts them into a special grade when comparing normal papers. These papers each play their own role in printing, packaging and industrial use.

Do you have a special need paper in mind? Do you need a different look? We can help find the best suitable paper.

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Inventory management can be an operational problem for many companies, but it becomes an essential component of giving the best customer experience. Our fulfillment center makes inventory management much easier and allows you more time to focus on other areas of your business.

Our Fulfillment center enables our customers to outsource warehousing and shipping. This relieves you of the necessary physical space to store your products, which is beneficial for companies without the capacity to directly manage inventory.

We also produce custom kitting. We’ll print, assemble and ship materials in custom sales kits.

Schneider Graphics supports full-service fulfillment for your printing needs.

Call us if you’d like to learn more on how we might be able to help with your fulfillment challenges.

Recycled Paper


Have you ever considered using recycled paper?


Recycled paper is available in both coated and uncoated stocks. One of the most important things to remember when choosing a recycled paper is to choose a paper with Post Consumer recycled content. There are marketing schemes selling “recyclable” paper, which means nothing more than the paper can be recycled after its use. However, that’s meaningless since nearly all paper can be recycled after its use. Choosing a paper with a recycled content means the stock actually contains a specific percentage of fiber from paper previously used in the marketplace. Paper comes with a variety of recycled content from 10% to 100% and with the latest technology most recycled papers are as white and print as well as virgin papers do.


By choosing a paper that has been recycled for your next print project, you are showing that your company is responsible toward the environment which can help enhance your company’s image. At Schneider Graphics, we can help you choose the right recycled paper as well as the correct recycled logos to show the world how much you care about the environment. We also often add verbiage on the environmentally friendly soy inks we use when printing the recycled logos.