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Are you Ready?

As we get back to business let us help you with your updated print and marketing materials. Here is a small list of helpful ideas. Direct Mail Let your customers know you’re open and ready for business. Updated Sales Literature A new look will enhance your visibility. Announcements These could be anything from a new […]

Print Margins

Did you ever have a print project look great until the finishing came back with text nearly cut off or was too close to a drill hole? Today we’ll talk about print margins or safety zones. Margins are a very important part of the design before print. These are small but important details that often […]

Comparing pdf Files for Changes

How often are you checking a corrected pdf? If the answer is often then you should try this tool in Acrobat. The compare files tool really works and it’s very easy to use. Open the new or corrected pdf go to compare files in the tool pallet and it will ask you to open a […]

Reducing the file size of a pdf

Have you ever had a pdf that was too large to send by e-mail? Sometimes we need to send a pdf for approval or just for viewing the content. Today I will show you how to reduce the file size. A pdf with a reduced file size should never be used for print. Much of […]

Previewing Color Separations

How to Preview Color Separations using the Acrobat Output Preview tool? Did you ever need to confirm a color in a pdf?  Checking colors is a very important step ensuring the printing will be correct. A pdf sent to a printer should be CMYK. But what happens if the color should be a PMS color? […]

Paper Finishes

How do you choose which paper to use for your next print project? With so many weights and finishes available how can you be sure which is best for your design. Determining which paper to use can be defined by the purpose of the project. Coated papers have a clay coating added to them sealing […]

Combining Spot Colors with Transparency

Have you ever experienced problems when sending your files to your printer that included spot colors with transparency? Well, you’re not alone! Using a spot or PMS color on a layout can often lead to unexpected results. If your using InDesign or Illustrator and using only CMYK colors, you can use transparency without any problem. […]

Customer Service

What are you doing to stand out from the rest? Is your customer service where it should be? At Schneider Graphics we take a different approach. We realize every company is different. We’re not a one size fits all company. We take each project with a unique path. Offering different solutions for different businesses. Providing […]

Building Brand Loyalty with Direct Mail

Brand Loyalty has everything to do with how customers perceive your brand. It’s the process of turning repeat customers into loyal customers. Direct mail loyalty campaigns can achieve the following… • Build Trust • Create Comfort • Solve a customer’s problems • Anticipate your customer needs. • Enable and encourage brand advocacy. Choose words carefully […]

Selecting the right paper weight for your print project

Deciding on the weight of paper for your print project can often be one of the last things that you decide on. Next up you may decide on the size of the brochure and how many pages it is to have. Then the quantity and budget to work with. Before printing your brochure there are […]